10 Important free Software Download for your PC

10 essential free software for PC.

We all know, It’s important to have some software installed in order to activate a computer or make it workable. Computer software for various purposes including writing, listening to music, photo editing, virus protection, CD or DVD burning, reading PDF files, net browsing. For many, it is not possible to find free software to do these things. So with 10 useful free software (including download link), so let us organize today. Hope you can download ten essential software from here

Important free software download

There are various types of software used for computer. The top 10 software used to be mentioned below is discussed below. Take a look at whether all the software here is on your computer, if not, download today.

VCL Media Player (Free software)

free software download VLC Media Player

This media player is one of the best free media player for all popular platforms like Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be used free of charge and it has many features. VCL is very popular to run movies, videos, songs etc. VCL is the best, because it has many good features of simple and best UL.

Download  Link

Picasa (Free software)

Free software download Picasa

Picasa is the best photo view and editing tools created by google. Picasa offers a number of photo editing tools to make your photos look good. Using which you can easily do photo editing. this is a free software. you can download this software freely if you wish. i think this is a very important software for every computer users.

So download the software from the link below now.

Download Link

Antivirus Avira (free software)

free software Avira download

If you are an internet user, then this software must be on your computer. Because many sites are accessed during the use of the internet. if your computer does no have any antivirus then virus can easily attack your computer online.

it is best if there is an internet security with an antivirus. Avira, Avast and many other types of antivirus are available. usually this is a free software although it has a paid version. Here I gave Avira’s download link, please try.

Download Link

CCleaner (free software)

free software ccleaner

It may be slow for a variety of reasons for using the computer. most of the time the junk file becomes excessive due to the computer being slow. This software is very useful to overcome this problem. CCleaner helps clean up junk files, temporary files, cache files, and other unused files from a computer. Here’s how it works equally to delete bad registry files. As a result improves the performance and speed of your computer.

And most importantly it’s free software. So just download the link below.

Dowload Link

Internet Download Manager(free software)

free software-Internet Download Manager

If you want to speed up your download then this software will be needed for you. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is currently the best download managed which tested. It is also more effective then DAP, Microsoft lightweight download manager,Orbit and more. So, to download large file form the internet, it’s important to have this software on your computer.

Download Link 

Adobe Reader (free software)

free software Adobe Reader

The most popular software for reading any pdf file is adobe reader. There are a lot of versions, some of it’s paid version is out. But basically it is a free software. However, you can use the crack version to work. with this software you can easily read any pdf files.

So you can download this software for your computer from the link below.

Download Link

Teamviewer (free software)

Teamviewer free software

If you are away and at that moment you need to see something important from your computer, but do not worry, download this software. Because using this software you can easily access other computer from far away. you can show any other work on your computer on access your computer. With the technical support, you can controls other’s computer. You can also chat with your friends with this software. This is a free software.

The software must be download to your computer from link below.

Download Link

Firefox – Mozilla(free software)

free software

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by The Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD, illumos and Solaris operating systems. Its sibling, Firefox for Android, is also available

Download link

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